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Like most young people, my life is consumed by schools. What I write is a reflection of the educators, students, advocates, parents, and (occasionally) the caring people I am surrounded by. I write so I can survive and challenge the hatred, ignorance, and blatant apathy towards low income people of color. Read on, share what you think, and push on this world to be what we need...

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why I hate white people in airports and other random public spaces where I must interact with the arrogance of ignorance

Oakland airport, November 21, 2006

In line with my ID out and my boarding pass ready for inspection
I have no liquids no gel-filled bras no water no metal no weapons no bombs my shoes are already unlaced my belt is secured in my checked baggage
I am a de-terrorist
And yet the white woman three people in front of me
Spews hatred knives that somehow make it past the watchful eye of america’s metal detector defense systems
Her voice singes hair I didn’t know I had
“Asians need to go back to where they are from”
And I first think
Punch her face hard, strong, quick-like and make her bleed
My next thought is “those Asians are probably from San José or Oakland or your suburb”
I step up in line
Faces of the indigenous people I know frown down upon her
The white woman behind me shakes her head barely perceptible but enough for me to
Reach out
Did you hear that shit or was that me?
She did, we snickle disdain
Laugh out that indigenous people do exist
And that white people aint from here
Our shared unity
Melts away as I’m soon first in line
I need a smoothie
Cause I cant justify the $8 pizza slice I don’t want
But I’m hungry as all hell and first in line
I wait
The cashier returns smiles to the white man
With graying hair who just happened to walk up at the same time she did
He orders
I say “yo, just an fyi – there is a line”
He looks at me out of the corner of his disdainful eye:
“I was here”
And I think, “and I’m not??” but instead bust out with a smiling
“you’re not the only one on this planet”
The woman behind the counter puts her finger to her lips
Motions for me to Shhhhh!
And I say “that’s what’s wrong with America
Ya’ll try to hide even the most harmless injustices of white men”
He says “sounds like you’re angry”
I growled. Literally. I growled. Told him I’m only angry cause he represents the woman on the cell phone the world’s white colonial governments the standardized test makers the republican the democrat the police officer the u.s. army the supreme court the no child left behind policies but what I really said was:
“You’re wrong
But no one cares enough about their own lives to
Put you in your place”
He avoided me
And the white man behind me
Smiled broadly
Raising his eyebrows ever so slightly as he passed me by once he had his drink
And while I felt affirmed
By his non-verbal acknowledgement of the whitemaleness card that made him wait for his smoothie
I also wondered yet again
Why another person
Just sat by while a whiteman
Proclaimed he was the only person
In this world.


  1. I once got so angry about this white guy that I got a stomach ache.

  2. yeah, the thing is to let out that rage so we dont explode (or worse, implode). its one of the reasons women of color (and all people of color) die so young.

  3. People of color don't die from stomach aches! That's silly.

  4. What's silly is denying the health implications of living in this racist, sexist, violently genocidal world.

  5. i just told someone in the computer lab to not talk on the phone. i felt like a b****. don't you sometimes feel like the problem for having a problem? and then sometimes feel like why do we follow rules (i.e., no food, drinks, games, or cell.) at the same time? i get so uptight about certain rules sometimes i think people should just follow them to be considerate.

  6. I understand you girl. I am white and I hate my race. No body understands me ... I have a black boyfriend and can relate better to black and spanish people and it sucks because every time that I come home, I want to get along with my family, but they are just so stuck up and I am like a black sheep they do not understand, so just letting you know, I feel you, even though I am white, I feel like I was born with the wrong exterior if they makes any sense.

  7. This is ridiculous. The world is not that racist, and even if it is, so what? You don't think that other people should be allowed their own opinions? You don't believe in freedom of speech and expression? Perhaps America isn't the country for you.

    In America, we allow people to say whatever they want, and that includes you, remember. We have made very unfair laws just to help minorities and hold back the majority. This is not how a democracy runs, yet we did it just for you. And you are so ungrateful......

    Speaking as a white person with the right to free speech and the inherent right to defend my race against uneducated bigots, I would like to say that your ranting is an example of the very racism which you seem to hold such contempt for. I think that your opinions are disgusting, honestly.

    However, go on and preach your hate without reason. Don't think that we can't outsmart you if you ever choose to rise up violently. We have been known for our cunning, and perhaps this is the reason for a general feeling of supremacy.

    Go ahead. Just test it. See if there is cause for their arrogance. I'll won't put my money on you.

  8. It's a shame that white America started off with the upper hand when they stole this land and claimed it discovered. It's a shame they have wronged/raped/pillaged almost every single race known to man including themselves. They don't get it they won't get it so forget it.

    1. You're sure up on a high horse. You ever heard what's going on in Africa? Blacks rape/wronged/and pillaged each other to this day JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RACE. Do some research, idiot.

  9. I just wasted a few precious moments of my life to once again prove to myself that ignorant "hood" blacks should never be allowed near our children. I wonder how you will adjust to life on the streets with your unemployed homies when the school board discovers your nonsensical rants. Oh my. Was that stereotyping? Relax and continue enjoying your KFC. You people just make it so easy...

  10. Oh my how funny is this, you touch a nerve with these white people then they get all defensive and start insulting. I did not insult you or talk about the fried chicken that your people make for us (lmao) but I did call you leaders of hate. Thanks for proving my point. I'm sure with a name like aryian your trying to prove your loyalty to your "clan" at least your little group will hold you tight and don't let us po ass chicken eatin niggas bite :)

  11. It's simply incredible. I can't believe the hypocrisie of someone that hates the white race for beeing racist. Especially coming from a white (and i'm refering to LAUREN). I'm form Argentina. I'm white, as the majority of the popuation in my country (by the way, excuse my english). The white race, developed a civilisation based on violence; the hostile climates and enviroemnts of meridian and septentrional Europe forced its people to adapt, as every other living thing does in order to survive. As violent peoples, (as all the other peoples in the world) but also cunning, indoustrius and incredibly crafty and ruthless, characteristics that are direct consqeuence to enviroment adaptation, the white man, or at least white institutions, culture and collective conscioussnes, oppresses the rest of the other peoples of the world. So other races, fight back, or at least catch up, and instead of imitating white people and its institutions, rebel and found your world. Or get stomped.

  12. so wait

    You told off some guy because he reminded you of some ignorant bitch that he, with all probability, didn't even know.

    BUT HE WAS WHITE, so it's okay.

    Man I sure do hate white people! All of them are so racist!

  13. you all sound like a bunch of emotionally disturbed kids. you think minorities don't act liek sh#t on a daily basis towards whites. boo hoo hoo.

  14. i think you are the embodiment of the "arrogance of ignorance". Minorities in the US are the most insane, emotional, stupid people on the planet. Everyone knows this, even the real Africans of Africa.

  15. Let's be honest, white people will never understand this argument. White people don't care that they dont "get it". They live their lives carefree and unbotherd about what they have done in the past. We need to either move on like they do or rebel against their stereotypes. They are proud of their stereotypes and don't really care for you to call them out on it. Think about it, what is the worst you can a white person? When you call them that name do they care or become enraged, no. So screw them an their ways I rest easy with the thought that if there is a hell, vengance will be mine.

  16. Iam black in Norway, have been to Minnesota, USA the most white state, i can tell you the racism of USA is very mild & sporadic and not that extreme, but racism here in Norway its everyday random routine, they burn down black houses like its normal, giving a job a black is nasty joke and boycoit from co embloyees if you will get one trash job. So all you blacks in America are very lucky comparing to what i exprienced.

  17. I am not racist, i hate humans period. no matter race religion or creed, humans always find something stupid to do , someone to hate, someone always becomes the scapegoat for deeper problems. Everyone gets to hated on , from the African Americans, to the Asians, to the Arabs, to the Native Americans, the Jews,Hispanics, the fight between Catholic and Protestant. Humans are cowards, because instead of figuring out the differences, we run the other way and throw labels on people because they are different. Being a person of Pakistani decent, after 911, people said things to me, hate to say it but they were white people *shrugs* .. stop fearing other people and maybe mankind will flourish, but as of right now, humans suck :)

  18. It's normal of white people to hate minorities because if you haven't mixed with other races you will obviously have prejudice.

    Take my mother from Asia who immigrated to the US for example. She had prejudice towards Black people because she never mixed with them.

    However, I have mixed with Black, white, latino and other races and I don't have any racial prejudice towards them. Why? Because I've been around them to understand that their behavior can be as good or as bad as any other race.

    However, haters only hate things they can't have and people they can't be! Think about it: you rarely hate a beggar but sometimes you hate rich people. Why? Because rich people have something you envy.

    Now, continuing on the same point, white people are obviously jealous at how the minorities are getting all the college degrees nowadays and will soon be taking all the jobs. For most of the current white frustrated racists, the American dream has failed badly and they're left to flip burgers and work on minimum wage.

    As for what Konasierri said, well since I have the freedom of speech to say anything I want, I will tell you to grow up and make some friends and educate yourself. A strong correlation between education and courtesy has been noted in the past.

    Freedom of speech is not a license to rudeness.

    Hopefully this post will help a racially-hurt minority feel better. Treat white people with respect but if ever they are rude, forgive them to show your superiority cause the average white person is a poor and ignorant soul who does not have the power to educate himself.

  19. @Rohan

    Are you serious? You first tried to explain why racism isn't justified, than proceeded to make racist remarks. You know what else education offers? The ability to be decisive.

    It is funny though, the part where you said, and I quote 'Think about it: you rarely hate a beggar but sometimes you hate rich people. Why? Because rich people have something you envy.' so would it be fair to say that you're envious of white people because your mother felt it necessary to immigrate to a predominately white country and now you, being the second generation, naturally have something against white people because you realize that NO Asian civilization can offer you the same freedoms and you're enraged at the idea that whites can but your own people can't?

    As for the minimum wage comment, there used to be a time in North America that we had a choice to pursue different dreams in the time frame we desired. However that dream has been squandered on minorities, such as yourself, who come here to essentially freeload of white culture, leaving the white people to either do it now or never, taking away OUR freedoms so you don't have to grow up in either a communist country or a military dictatorship, and yet you blame us for all of your problems?

    Here's a hint, get the fuck out. Your mother? She can stay because she obvious moved here for a reason. You on the other hand, are another Asian not ready for the freedoms that a white society can offer. Move to whatever country you hail from and experience your culture first hand, not that white-washed culture your mother preached about at home when you were a child and tell me, are we really that bad?

    No. We're as bad as the minorities we let move here. So while you're enjoying your freedoms, remember that because of your over populating race, you're sucking the world dry of any hospitality it may have had. Sure, minorities hate whites, and rightly so. We're better than you.

  20. You all talk about slavery, predguidice, and violence, well, take a look at yourself. Back before europe made expeditions to africa, every African American tribe raided and took slaves from eachother. The thing white people are hated for is slavery, even though your own people did it before us. And the predguidice, well, look at this site... half of you are rascist pricks, (including some of the white comments) and your showing predguidice with every word you utter. And violence and war. If any of you have ever been to oakland, California, youll see that white people arent the only violent race. Black people kill eachother there every night. and on top of that, the medical officials working there half to lock their doors and be escorted by police to and from the hospital. Most of you are rascist, and honestly, I can't blame you. I just thought it would be fun to expose your wierd ass lies, and prove that most of you are idiots

  21. the white dude behind you in line wasn't smiling in agreement, he was laughing at the inane stupidity he just witnessed.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Sounds like you are just as racist as the old white woman screaming about asains. it was probably your rude tone and agressive word selection that caused you to get people upset at you. thing about white people is they know how to control their demons rather than let the demons control them. its because they work as a team and fall in line that they colonized a good portion of the planet. Lose the hate. Once everyone is done hating white, black, etc people, maybe then we can become a real human family.

  24. Ok it all sounds like BS. I don't care what color people are, you have trash in every color that will push your buttons sometimes, you will find trash in every race. To come right out and say you hate white people because of the actions of a couple of people shows your just a racists and a disgrace to your own color and the Anerican people. I would have to suggest you go back to where your race came from if your that ignorant and can't figure out how to see the difference between trash of any race. Get a life and don't jput the blame on white people because of their color. I am white and proud of it, my ancestors are Indian, Frencg Canadian, Dutch, and English and I give respect where respect is due and right now I can say you wouldn't get an ounce of respect.

  25. White people have low self esteem so they think money is the answer but its not and they usually kill themselvs or other people so I feel real sorry for ALL white people

  26. i dont know if its just me that noticed this but white people tend to be really uptight; like when i hang out with blacks and hispanics they tend to be expressive and not afraid to express how they feel; however with white people... i dont know... it feels as if... theyre trying to behave or act "accordingly" with social norms; very rarely do i see white people act goofy and very rarely do i see white people act wild; its like theyre restricting their innermost feelings from coming out; like their emotions are blank; im a geeky goofy nerd at heart and when im like that around white people, they'll look at me like" wtf man... behave..." or they'll be like unresponsive; however when i behave like that with blacks and hispanics they tend to be goofy back and play along

    its sooooo contradictory too because white people have thought outside the box a lot and made a lot of scientific advances in humanity; however societal wise, it feels as if there are social norms to abide by and if you dont abide by them, youre an outcast to the majority

    im not saying that all white people are like that; ive met a couple white people here and there who were not constricted by social norms and behaved the way they wanted to behave; its just that the majority seem like they have a social code to abide by

  27. dude 90% of blacks are just as racist as every white racist, most are even more so actually because they're ignorant and for the most part unnecessarily violent in their anti-white agendas. and since there's been a black muslim terrorist illegally occupying the white house even questioning a black man about anything while being white is considered racism. and lets be honest look at the statistics on violent crimes and robbery and murder by gun and every one is dominated by black perpetrators, so is it racist to go with logic? I don't think so, that's just using your brain...

  28. I'm a white "supremecist" and I will say that I basically view asians as my equal. They are the only race that has been industrially, spiritually, and otherwise competitive with us. They are a very intelligent race, and in some ways they have less kinks in their armor than we do. They are successful economically, I'm literally going to stop right now and just say this: I cannot remember the last time an interaction with an asian left a sour taste in my mouth. And I'm trying.

    Now here is the thing: I am pretty radical. You average white person would probably want to see my gutted for some of the things that I believe in. Read what I said above again, understanding this, and understand that all and all most of my peers would agree with these statements. Then multiply that by two for someone who refuses to acknowledge that blacks are 13% of americans population and causes almost half our crime...

    There you go.

    I think you need to relax darling.

    Unless the asians start to massively and indiscriminately invade america and take advantage (destroy) white societies like the mexicans are these days, asian have nothing to worry about from white people.