This Blog Is No Longer Actively Updated!

Race Has Nothing to Do With You had a strong 7 year run (that's a lot of years), but is hanging up the blogging pen at the end of 2012. The blog will remain up for your extended hypercritical viewing pleasure.

Welcome to Race Has Nothing To Do WIth You

Like most young people, my life is consumed by schools. What I write is a reflection of the educators, students, advocates, parents, and (occasionally) the caring people I am surrounded by. I write so I can survive and challenge the hatred, ignorance, and blatant apathy towards low income people of color. Read on, share what you think, and push on this world to be what we need...

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Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Year Run

Thanks for following the blog, for helping me clarify my thoughts, for staying connected. After seven years of maintaining a public presence with my critical views on the world, my focus is shifting.

Instead of blogging, I will be working on more comprehensive writings, articles, books, and struggling against the continual corporate onslaught of standardized common core scripted one-size-fits-all colonial, racist, sexist, classist, pro-American schooling. Feel free to reach me through comments, email, or through an as-yet-uninvented-medium.

Thanks for lingering,

Christopher B.


  1. Thanks for your time and efforts here. I found them inspiring. All the best with your future efforts.

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